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Brookgreen Gardens Medal

Myrtle Beach, SC | 2013

Commission for the Brookgreen Gardens, a garden museum and National Historic Landmark with the most significant collection of figurative sculpture in the country.


Renton, WA | 2013

Commission for the city of Renton

Pope John XXIII   |   St. James Cathedral

Seattle, WA | 2013

This is the shrine of Pope John XXIII dedicated in St. James Cathedral with the anniversary of Vatican II was one of the major motivations for the commissioning of the shrine.

Read article by National Catholic Reporter.
Read article by Seattle PI.

Goat Cart   |   Bellingham Market

Bellingham, WA | 2007

Goat Cart was made for the City of Bellingham for their public market. The goat is an excellent example of the domesticated animal reflecting the imprint of humans through the shape of the body. The goat is also a fitting image for a public market, because the goat is the source of so many products in a market. It is dairy, wool, leather, meat and sometimes the means of transportation.

St. Francis of Assisi   |   Church of St. Francis

Burien, WA | 2006

Discription coming soon.

African Elephant   |   Woodland Park Zoo

Seattle, WA | 2006

While being the largest of land animals, the elephant also propels an inviting, gentile and intelligent persona. Often recreated in stuffed animals and a favorite of children. I created this elephant for the Seattle Woodland Park Zoo "Zoomaziam".

Grand Sow   |   Murphy Brown LLC

Ames, IA | 2006

A large gravid sow, muscular and abundant; the composition is round and compact. The pig is an enormously popular animal. There is a sweet intelligence in their character that people easily identify with. Richly portrayed in literature, there is just something about a pig.

Four Elements   |   Private Commission

Seattle, WA | 2003

Discription coming soon.